Thursday, August 9, 2007

Final POST????

Well I received an email to post one last time before the blog is closed - I hope that isn't the case as I would like to continue posting!

I have not had a chance to write about all the amazing experiences I had at the conference ( I met Billy Dean for one)
Once I got home I had that "sickness" then it went through the other 6 people in my house - THAT WAS NOT FUN!
Then I got bad news from my husbands family that his grandmother was sick.
She came down here to Pittsburgh one week ago today - was admitted to the hospital and was a real trooper - having two tests/procedures then released to my house Tues night - I was at the hospital with her and Claire every day from Thurs - Tues - 9AM - 10 PM - we had some laughs - and spent so much time just talking.
Today we went in for the results with two of her children and myself and Claire. The news was not what we had prayed for but not as bad as it could have been.

She is a private woman so I won't go into detail, but at this point my head is spinning. I had typed up a list of questions and the DR was wonderful answering each one - I know I need to be strong for the family since I am an
in-law - but she is the only Grandmother I have had my adult life. - Actually I have Jim's other Grandmother too - but I don't have one of my own. Anyway, I would like to post about my conference another time when I can share all the wonderful things. For now I want to go and hug my children!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am home!

I cannot wait to post about my amazing experience at the conference -but unfortunately it will have to wait another day -
I just wanted to write a quick note to say I caught that 'bug' or the food thing going around the conference.
I became violently ill Monday just about the time the meal was being served at the closing dinner.
Thank heavens another Leader from Western PA - Karen and her husband were on the same shuttle to the airport - same flight - and amazingly we were assigned to the same row on the plane. They were wonderful - got me on the plane and off and to the curb to meet Jim.

Marilyn was so good to me in the morning when I woke up - tried to help pack me and gave Claire breakfast -and I could not have made it to the shuttle without her and Nancy - "I needed help"!

More when I am better - still unable to eat -

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am here!

Well I made it to Chicago on Thursday - Every time I went to come to the tech room someone stopped me or the laptops weren't available -
Claire was playing so nice in here until I sat down to type - just like at home!

We are having an amazing time - we have 21 items in the Silent Auction - a week in North Carolina and GET THIS - Marge Yager donated her apartment for a WEEK IN PARIS FRANCE!
I had to sit down when she told me!
The donation drawing is up to 120 plus items - I have run out of room and bags - I LOVE IT!

I miss Jim and the kids - but time is flying and before I know it I will be flying home!

Well there was a line when I got in line and still a line so I will let someone else have a turn - I hope to get back here soon-

This conference is AWESOME and I am having a wonderful time - although not enough time to sit and visit with friends - we always seem to be going in opposite directions!

Bye from Chicago!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Will I ever sleep again?

OK by the time I leave in three days I will be so sleep deprived that I will probably sleep through the conference!
I cannot sleep - I just lay awake - did I pack the right clothes, did I pack enough for Claire, do I have enough wipes/diapers?
Have I packed everything for the Donation Drawing, the silent auction/the rejuvenation sessions?

I cannot wait to get to Chicago so I can stop worrying about getting there and not having something that I think I will have to have or my life will be over - I need to be in Chicago remember what I forgot and realize I can get by without it ~ After all ~ all I really need is myself and Claire - I come ready with food! :)

See you in 3 days

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Comments on Comments

I wanted to type a quick I AM SO SORRY - to all those that have commented on my blog for not responding - I just learned that I can comment back to the comments -
I had no idea so I would get all excited when I read a comment - but didn't realize I could comment back!

So for all of you that have read my blog and commented THANK YOU - it makes my day to see a comment!

I am getting so excited about the conference that it is after midnight and I am up on the PC looking at everyone Else's Blogs :)


My Hero ~ JIM

Today was a La Leche League day - Jim helped get certificates ready - Jim worked on the bag labels and he kept the kids so I could run around and try and find a backpack with wheels!
I never did find one cheap enough for me ~ but Jim did do a great job on all the LLL work!

I am very lucky ~ Jim has always been available and willing to do work for La Leche League, even though he has never been to any events. He works behind the scenes like crazy ~ he will do anything I ask of him and more ~without expecting a thank you from anyone!
I thank him and the Alumnae Team Members have been thanking him - I just hope he realizes I could not do any of the things I do for LLL if it weren't for him.
He keeps the kids, does printing,listens to me talk and talk and talk ( that is a job by itself), and helps to make sure everything is perfect for me.

THANK YOU JIM for all you do to help me help mothers and babies. I am so lucky to have you support something that means to much to me!

Time to get the kids to bed!

See you all in 5 days!

5 Days from now I will be in Chicago

Seriously can you believe it - 5 days - the conference starts in 6 days! I am so excited that I don't sleep.
I lay awake thinking OK what do I need to do - have I contacted everyone for Rejuvenation? Is there anyone else I should be asking donations from? Do you think I should bring Webkinz for the Silent Auction? Will anyone there know what a Webkinz is??
Have I packed everything? How will I get through the airport? Did I leave room for the stuff I buy there?

Then in the middle of the night I will wake up remembering, I need to email my roomy and ask if I should bring a hair dryer or if she will? I worry that Claire will keep her awake!
What will I do for food? I have to have a carseat for Claire so getting around isn't going to be that easy for me.
I spoke with a guy from the church where we get Market Day yesterday and he said DO NOT GO ANYWHERE outside the main city blocks at all and be very careful at Night everywhere. That is scary!

I am so excited about going to the conference that I can hardly keep a straight train of thought!

The two things I am most looking forward too:

The Alumnae Dinner Cruise - great social time :)

Billy Dean - His song Let Then Be Little - is such an amazing song - he is so talented and he is coming to the conference. This could open up so many people to the fact that breastfeeding is normal and everyone out there should help promote it in anyway they can.

Well, today I am printing more and double checking!

I repacked for the third time - still looking for a back pack on wheels for a carrry-on!

More soon..............


Monday, July 9, 2007

Natalie my next door neighbor saved the day for me yet again!
She is a very stylish 12 year old and I decided to ask her about outfits and shoes - well good thing I did - as it turned out four pairs of the shoes I packed no longer fit!

I had to rethink everything! I realized I had packed one outfit that I knew I would never wear so I took that out. Found more comfortable shoes and repacked!
I think my clothes are finally packed.

Natalie continued to keep Claire happy while I finished up - making me realized how much I could use her help in Chicago - do bad she won't fit in the suitcase :)

More later - kids want snacks!


PS I tried to add a title but it won't let me -


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Shoes,Shoes, and more Shoes

How many shoes could I possibly need?

Well I packed my bags a few days ago - then realized that with all the donation drawing items I would never be able to lift my bag off the belt! So I unpacked took the donation items to the post office and sent them on their way to the conference.

So, then I began the task of repacking. The last conference I was so sick in the beginning of my pregnancy with Claire, that I didn't care what I wore as long as I wasn't sick on it! This time I have no idea what to pack - warm for the hotel - cool for outside - dressy for the tea - the dinner - and shoes - well I have never been one to have more than two pair of shoes - but Jim's Grandmother sent down all these great dress shoes and they all fit - they match so many things - but really how many pairs could I possibly need?!?
As it stands I have six pair packed - I think I will repack and take a few out - but then I think well if I repack I could end up packing more!
It was fun to pack though.
I packed tons of dresses for Claire she loves dresses - sweaters and pants too in case it is cold.

Can you believe it - 12 days and we are on our way!

More tomorrow -


PS we got a time share donated for NC from a wonderful Leader in Ohio - will post more tomorrow!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Can you believe it?? The conference kicks off in 21 days!
I am so excited.
I love conferences - this is only my second International Conference - but I am still so excited!
Seeing the Founders of LLL walking around, all the mothers, babies, fathers, grandparents, and teens makes it all so special!
I love to see older "league" babies - you know the ones -in their teens, yet still with their parents. I like to pick the brains of those parents on how they got through the younger years. Then there are the grown up children with the Leader Mom's and I pick those brains on how they made it through the teen years.
Chatting with people from all of the world is an amazing experience and at a La Leche League event you will find a group of people unlike any other place in the world - open and friendly.
Believe it or not, I am one of those people that has a hard time taking that first step to make conversation. I am a talker - and I am not considered shy, but I get a bit backward and afraid in groups. But not at a LLL Conference, there is no time to be shy ~ one minute you are standing there the next someone speaks to you. I love it! I love the way mothers make me feel at home, even when I am so nervous!
I can hardly wait to get on the plane - and I hate to fly!

See you all soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shopping, Packing 25 DAYS!

Can you believe it the conference begins in 25 days! That means I am on a plane in 24 days!
I am getting so excited. Yesterday, I was at the mall and Bath and Body was having a HUGE sale. I picked up some travel size body wash,body spray, lotion, hand cleaner, and lip gloss, among other things. They came in a cute little bag, that I have already placed in my bag! That is right, I have started packing!
I wrote a list of the outfits I will need along with Claire's.

I also have a huge bag of donated items that I will be traveling with. I just keep saying should I carry those on the plane so I know they will get there? But I have so many other things to carry on. I am currently printing the Silent Auction bidder ID numbers -- over 1000 numbers :)
I then paper punch them and place them in a three ring binder. The Silent Auction is a new thing this conference.

I almost forgot -- I have been playing phone tag with a Leader in Ohio that wants to donate a week in NORTH CAROLINA!!! Can you believe it!
That is one that I will want to be bidding on for sure!
Everyone that wants to bid will get an Bidder ID number and then will use that to bid on the items --
This makes it more fun, because you don't know who you are bidding against!
I always have a hard time when I find out I am bidding against someone I know - then I feel bad and don't bid as high as I am willing to go - but this way I won't know and I will just bid away!

Oh I need to go get Caitlyn - more later :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Package arrived!

I came home from running errands to find a package at the garage door ~ I thought it was the webkinz I had won from eBay, but it was even better!
The Ergo carriers arrived!
It was like getting a present - even though I don't keep it! Two backpacks - two pouches and two carriers! I was so excited ~ I cannot wait to get to Chicago and set everything up ~ then I realized wow - this came to me and not Sue - I have to pack them!
But this is a good thing for all the room I will pack on the way out I will have for the fun stuff I will buy at the conference!
I had so much fun at the Worlds Faire last time. I can hardly wait to go again! For those of you that have never gone - take plenty of CASH - and small bills! I found so many bargains and one of a kind items to take back to the kids it was wonderful!
I even saw my then former co-Leader - now almost neighbor there - I can't wait to go and find old friends from Maryland.

As for the Webkinz - I did email Ganz the company that makes them today in hopes of getting one or more for the donation drawing or silent auction - or maybe someone will donate one -
My kids are totally addicted (I admit it so am I!!!)

Well off to bed - tomorrow I plan to do lots of conference work!

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My CountdownCounting down to: La Leache League International Conference

Can you believe it just a little over a month and the conference will be here!

I received an email from today, they are sending a maya for the donation drawing.

I have been working to put together the list of donated items and the silent auction bid sheets ~ I beginning to freak a little again ~ I don't have enough items!
I am so worried about the Silent Auction. This is our first year to have a silent auction and I only have a couple items. I keep emailing and asking for donations but I am not getting the responses I had hoped for.

I really need to reach Leaders that are coming to bring something from their Country - State - Town ~ A haven't slept good in three nights trying to figure out how to reach more people!

I plan to start emailing when Jim is home and can keep Claire happy - but this week he managed to get tickets to the US Open Wed - Thur - Friday - I am sure he would love to go Sat and Sun if he can too - So I guess everything will have to wait until Monday!

Well Claire is emptying the cupboards!

Off to clean up :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just got an email from !

We're sending out an Organic Denim Carrier, Back Pack and Front Pouch, and
a Black Carrier with Camel lining, a Black Back Pack, and a Black Front Pouch,
as well as brochures and business cards.

I am so excited! These are great items for the Alumnae Association.

OK So this post was much longer venting about the kids fighting and me being clueless - I have deleted all that and will post the new items!


Friday, June 8, 2007


I just got home a little bit ago from our camping trip - a few days early ( I wasn't feeling good last night and woke with a stuffy nose and cough - I thought it best to be home if I am getting sick) The kids were OK with leaving early - they got new Webkinz and couldn't wait to add them to the family!

We got home just before nasty rain storms moved in. I am so glad I am not driving through that.

My sister Kelly took us to dinner at the Olive Garden, it was delicious and the kids ate great.

We had a wonderful time camping. The kids fished, played in the water, roasted marshmellows and were probably dirtier than they have ever been in their lives!

We took them to the Fireman's Carnival two nights. Wed night was much better than last night. It wasn't busy at all . Cailtyn and James LOVED the spinning rides - I thought I was going to be sick, but kept taking them on it anyway! I cannot believe at one time I rode the one ride eight times in a row - back in my teen days - I barely made it once a night.

Claire loved the merry-go-round and Justin loved the dizzy dragon - I was sick from that too. Jim thinks I am more sick from the rides than a cold - he could be right. I let Joe talk me into going on this ride that went up in the air and spun around - it was fun to do that with my fifteen year old but oh man - not good for the tummy.

I have over 300 emails to go through - and I put a number of my groups on no mail! I found out my one account was bouncing so now I have to go fix that!

Tomorrow I will get back to asking for more donation items and doing more labels. 41 days until the opening night at the conference - if you haven't already made plans to attend NOW is the time to do it!

Until next time,


Imagine my surprise when I thought I was posting this and Claire shut down the PC - thank goodness drafts are automatically saved!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Title's are so hard to come up with!

I can never figure out what my title should be! I have actually been ready to come and type for the blog and been stopped by the title. I sit here staring at the computer thinking what do I call this?? Then I realize I don't have a title, the kids are fighting, the baby is awake, the cats need fed, dinner needs to be started, and I have to get off the computer before I even started!
So, when I sat down this time I thought forget the title just get busy!

We had a conference call planning meeting for the Alumnae rooms last night. I tried desperately to walk around, using one hand to hold the phone and the other keeping the kids happy, but away from the speaker for half of it when Jim got home from his softball game. He looked at me and said "you have a cell phone with hands free and a clip holder - minutes are free why aren't you using hit? - DUH, why wasn't I using it!
So I switched phones and was able to participate much better in the call!
I won't be available for next weeks call ~ we will be in the middle of the woods - no phone, no cell phone, no TV, no computer, no email - NOTHING but woods !
What was I thinking? Five kids, a husband that loves to work and hates not to, and a conference just 49 days away! Jim asked me months ago, what do you want to do for a vacation, want to go to the beach? I said lets camp! HELLO, lets camp - ocean - camp ?? What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking good bonding time, family time, fun! I hope it works!

I have been busy getting the labels ready for the donation drawing bags. One label for the bag and one label for the item. I hope this will keep the confusion to a minimum, just match the item number on the item you want to the item number on the bag and drop in your ticket!
I have also started to bid sheets for the silent auction, thanks to Jessica, I have one ready I just have to modify it for the conference! I have no idea how many bid spaces I should have - the one used in Maryland was just 18 ~ I have it done up to 73 but don't know if I need that many for every item or if I will need more.
I wish I knew if I would have a printer available to use if I should need more. Right now I think I may have to make all these copies and have them there - but what a waste of paper if I don't need them. I would much rather just have one bid sheet for each item and then print more as needed. I guess I need to see if that can be done at the conference without incurring an expense!
I also have NO IDEA how many bid numbers I should have - anywhere from 100 to 1000 I guess!

We have so many items already - I have a list of 23 items so far, we have much more I just don't have them typed up yet~

Donation Drawing Master List

Autographed Book by Jan Hunt – A Gift For Baby
Autographed Book by Jan Hunt – A Gift For Baby
API Canvas Tote Bag filled for Peaceful Parents:
One Year API Membership
2 Peaceful Parenting T-shirts
3 Issues of Attachment Parenting Mag
Hard Copy of The Successful Child
Peaceful Parenting Bumpersticker, Scribble Pad, and Magnet
2 Peaceful Parenting Wristbands

Silver Ipod ( donated my Marilyn Thompson)
Brown/Beige Beaded Necklace (Donated by LLL of Texas/Tracy Malone)
Blue Beaded Necklace (Donated by LLL of Texas/Tracy Malone)
Autographed book – Companion to Cornucopia by John F. Froehlich (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Autographed book – Enjoy Yourself Under This Cover by John F. Froehlich (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Autographed book – Three of a Kind by John F. Froehlich (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Watercolor painting – Prairie Rose by M. Cahill-Fisk (Donated by Helene Scheff) 8 ½ x 6 size of painting without matting; 9x12 with matting.
Swarovski Crystal Rocking Chair (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Two Complimentary Terrace Reserved Tickets for Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at 7:05 p.m. in Chicago.
Doll from Pakistan (Donated by Louise Cox)
Doll from Brazil ( Donated by Louise Cox)
Crystal from Brazil (Donated by Louise Cox)
Elephant from Sri Lanka ( Donated by Louise Cox)
Cup from Japan (Donated by Louise Cox)
Tea Paperweight from London (Donated by Louise Cox)
HMONG Needlework bag (Donated by Louise Cox)
Book – The Divine Feminine by Andrew Harvey & Anne Baring (Donated by Louise Cox)
Book – To My Daughter with Love by Susan Polis Schutz (Donated by Louise Cox)

That is the list so far! Impressive isn't it!

We are also having a quilt made - with a family theme.
Remember the last quilt the woman was amazing Sarah from Maryland made it. She is a true artist - it wasn't just a quilt it was a artistic piece. I wonder if I can post a picture of it here - it was amazing! I can hardly wait to see what she makes this time!

Well the kids are starting to get really loud and Claire is napping. We leave in two days, so I need to get packing and sitting here typing I am not packing :)

Until next time!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

57 Days (55 Days until I leave :) )

Well looking over the last post and getting feedback from wonderful friends, I have noted that light colors and not so good and italics are hard to read! So I am trying a darker color - let me know if it looks better!

I am so glad to hear I am not the only Star Wars geek fan in La Leche League. I have always said that if I ever had twins I would name them Jaia and Jason - the name of Han and Leia's twins! I am currently reading a book on what happened five years after the fall of the empire - it is a three book series that a fellow Leader's husband gave me - thanks Paul. I am only on the first book but I grab it when I need to leave the stressful world of working on a conference behind!

Yesterday I took the day off from LLL and took the kids to the zoo. We had a great time and guess what I learned ~
First - the elephant Tasha - is half way through a pregnancy - but the best part - she is also NURSING her son Moja - who is six!!!!
Second - they have a Gorilla that nursed her son until he was seven - he stopped around age 5 but then she had another baby and he started up again - so she tandem nursed!
I met this woman that is doing a study on their behaviors and she was talking to me about a study that was done that determined that the actual age a human should nurse to was age SEVEN! It was very exciting to learn about nursing at the zoo in front of all of my children - and those standing nearby learned as well! So, even when I take a day of from LLL - it is still there!

Monday was however a busy conference work day. More talk about Donation items and Silent Auction items. I am going to buy the bags and begin work on the labels today. Andrea a Leader from Maryland has agreed to make jewelry for us to sell. She does beautiful work and I am so excited that we will have her items there. She is also sending the materials for me to teach a jewelry making class, or if you know how to make jewelry you can come in and buy your materials and make an item to take home! That is going to be so much fun. She is also sending some onsies with a breastfeeding logo, I can hardly wait!

Sue and I also decided that I will be teaching a get off your feet at the next wedding and dance class! The cha cha slide - electric slide and the macarana - it is going to be TONS of laughs! I think that will be my most favorite session :)

And lastly and most important on Monday I learned that La Leche League Alumnae Association is officially recognized by Mission Fish - what is that you ask? Mission Fish is the official non-profit used by eBay !
We now have an eBay account - and a mission fish account - as well as paypal and we can begin selling items to raise money for the Alumnae Association! I can list the items as the direct seller or someone can choose us and have the profits of their sale go directly to us!
the ebay account is
lllalumnae Come check us out!
I am hoping to list a signed copy of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding as our first item! As many of you know the copies that are out there are all that will be of all seven founding mothers at this time. I have a personal copy that I think I would like to have as our first item - check back in a few days to see it up for auction!

Well off to take care of the kids -
See you in 57 days or less :)


Sunday, May 20, 2007

60 DAYS!!!

Can you believe it just 60 days until the conference - two months away!

This is when things will really start getting busy!

Three weeks ago I went back to Maryland for Leader Day. I feel so rejuvenated toward La Leche League after being around other Leaders and Interested Mothers. I came home so excited about the conference, I immediately sent out more donation requests!
I sent a letter to George Lucas creator of Star Wars. My children and I are HUGE Star Wars fans. Jim (hubby) bought me an exact replica of Luke's lightsaber from Episode IV - which means it was Annikin's from Episode III, for our wedding Anniversary. You know your husband loves you when he buys you a lightsaber :)
My children all have FX Lightsabers they use to recreate the movies. Anyway, I sent a letter to Mr. Lucas requesting answers to my son's questions and a donation for La Leche League. When I arrived home from another trip to Maryland I had a letter from his office. His personal secretary sent me a very nice letter, but they were unable to give me a donation for the conference. What a complete and total bummer! That would have been cool!
But, I am still excited about what we have donated so far.
I am waiting on a list of items from Sue. Once I have that I plan to post here the list and then begin working on the labels and ticket bags. I REALLY need to get that going.
My sister is going to have surgery the day after I get home from the Conference. I am going to be worrying about her while I am gone, but at least the surgery is after the conference not before.

I need to figure out how to add a counter to see if anyone is even reading my blog :)


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Getting Worried

Well there are only 74 days left until the conference, which means I leave in 72 days!

I am feeling overwhelmed about three things -
Leaving my family for that length of time
Not having enough Donation Drawing/Silent Auction items
Not having all the Rejuvenation Activities filled!

I work on the Alumnae Donations almost daily, sending out emails and letter, but I am just not getting the responses I want! Hopefully things will pick up SOON! I think tomorrow I will send out emails to all the Leaders - for the last conference I just used the Leader locater on the LLLI website. This year I tried to do that and I can't find the page. It had all the countries listed English speaking or language spoken it was great - I have NO CLUE where that is on the redesigned site! I know I should be looking for it instead of complaining but I am not that computer literate!

As for the Rejuvenation well I haven't worked on that in a bit - I guess I should sit down again with that list!

Leaving the kids with my husband - oh that makes me so sad every time I think about it! I know once I am there I will be so busy and having adult chat that time will fly by but until then - I can't help but think about how much I will miss them!
I was looking yesterday for a carseat pully thing to bring along the baby seat - I didn't need it when I went to Chicago or Maryland the last time - I had a ride that brought one along - this time the limo place that will take me to the hotel doesn't provide one! I have to figure out how to carry Claire in the sling - her bag of meds - almost a weeks worth of clothes for her and I - toys - and an extra bag for all the stuff I either buy or win :) and a car seat! I saw this great car seat pull thing at BWI - I asked the woman where she got it and found it online - almost $90- that is a lot for a one time use - I bid on one on eBay but was out bid :( I have about 65 days to find one!

Well off to take the kids outside!


Monday, April 30, 2007

Return From Leader Day

Saturday was Leader Day for MD-DE-DC. I flew down with Joseph and Claire, much easier than driving with a screaming baby.

After being around all the Leaders it made me even more excited about the upcoming LLLI Conference.
I was able to talk a little bit about the conference and tried hard to encourage everyone to go!

They had an amazing Silent Auction - it took up at least 8 tables! I had fun bidding on items and trying to get the highest bid. I had to run over at the very last second to outbid someone on the Pirates of the Caribbean items - I was grateful we were all given numbers so I didn't know who I was bidding against. I did find out on one so I stopped bidding - but I really wanted that gardening set :(

I can hardly wait for the Donation Drawing and Silent Auction for the Alumnae Association. We have close to 25 items already and I am still collecting items. I think one of the most fun things at these events is trying to "win" something to take home to the family! Getting a good deal on a Silent Auction item or paying more than it is worth but being the one that got it is an exciting thing!

I have already started thinking about what type of luggage item I will need to take along to fill up with conference goodies! The bookstore items, the exhibit hall items always take up a ton of room and I have to remember to take along something to bring those home in. The DC conference I drove so I didn't have to worry about it. This time I am flying so I will need to take along an extra bag!
I had a few too many items on the way home from Maryland and had to pack some in Joe's bag. I won't have that option in July!

Well off to run the kids!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

85 Days

So there are 85 days left until the conference!
I received a package in the mail today from Attachment Parenting - they donated a canvas bag with two shirts a book a membership and some other cool thing!
I love getting items in the mail, its like my birthday but I don't get any older!
I have a spot that was holding the autographed books and jewelry I have received so far, but now I have to fund a new place to store everything.

Tomorrow I leave for Maryland for the weekend. Leader Day is Saturday. I have decided to fly. Since I hate flying this is huge. It will be my second flight with Claire this year and then the next will be for the conference. I keep taking these little trips to prepare for the BIG ONE! When I leave for the conference that will be the longest I have ever been away from the kids ever! I am so nervous about that, but still excited about the conference.

I had such a great time in DC. I didn't spend too much time in sessions., but I got so much out of it anyway! The adult conversation, being around other people with a passion for breastfeeding was so amazing. One of the reasons I go to conferences for socialization ~ and International is the best place for it!

I am so excited!

Well time to pack!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Blog Post

Well I have never blogged before, so be patient as I learn how to do this!

I have been very busy planning for the conference for almost a year now!

I am constantly asking for donations for the Alumnae Association Donation Drawing - we had over 100 items last year and I hope to have more this year!
I just lined up another quilt from the same artist that did last years ~ it is going to be another family and village theme - I can hardly wait to see it. Sarah does such beautiful work.

I have also been busy finding people to present rejuvenation sessions. What a task that has been. I have been searching for a belly dance instructor and a water aerobics instructor. Let me tell you those are two topics that can pull up some very weird web pages when you google them!

Well I almost just deleted this blog so I am going to post and come back!