Thursday, April 26, 2007

85 Days

So there are 85 days left until the conference!
I received a package in the mail today from Attachment Parenting - they donated a canvas bag with two shirts a book a membership and some other cool thing!
I love getting items in the mail, its like my birthday but I don't get any older!
I have a spot that was holding the autographed books and jewelry I have received so far, but now I have to fund a new place to store everything.

Tomorrow I leave for Maryland for the weekend. Leader Day is Saturday. I have decided to fly. Since I hate flying this is huge. It will be my second flight with Claire this year and then the next will be for the conference. I keep taking these little trips to prepare for the BIG ONE! When I leave for the conference that will be the longest I have ever been away from the kids ever! I am so nervous about that, but still excited about the conference.

I had such a great time in DC. I didn't spend too much time in sessions., but I got so much out of it anyway! The adult conversation, being around other people with a passion for breastfeeding was so amazing. One of the reasons I go to conferences for socialization ~ and International is the best place for it!

I am so excited!

Well time to pack!


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Shelly said...

Hi Karri,

I totally agree with you about loving conferences for reasons *other* than the sessions! There's nothing like being surrounded by LLL people.