Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Blog Post

Well I have never blogged before, so be patient as I learn how to do this!

I have been very busy planning for the conference for almost a year now!

I am constantly asking for donations for the Alumnae Association Donation Drawing - we had over 100 items last year and I hope to have more this year!
I just lined up another quilt from the same artist that did last years ~ it is going to be another family and village theme - I can hardly wait to see it. Sarah does such beautiful work.

I have also been busy finding people to present rejuvenation sessions. What a task that has been. I have been searching for a belly dance instructor and a water aerobics instructor. Let me tell you those are two topics that can pull up some very weird web pages when you google them!

Well I almost just deleted this blog so I am going to post and come back!

1 comment:

MacMom said...

Great start, Karri!

Don't worry, you can't delete the whole blog. :)