Monday, April 30, 2007

Return From Leader Day

Saturday was Leader Day for MD-DE-DC. I flew down with Joseph and Claire, much easier than driving with a screaming baby.

After being around all the Leaders it made me even more excited about the upcoming LLLI Conference.
I was able to talk a little bit about the conference and tried hard to encourage everyone to go!

They had an amazing Silent Auction - it took up at least 8 tables! I had fun bidding on items and trying to get the highest bid. I had to run over at the very last second to outbid someone on the Pirates of the Caribbean items - I was grateful we were all given numbers so I didn't know who I was bidding against. I did find out on one so I stopped bidding - but I really wanted that gardening set :(

I can hardly wait for the Donation Drawing and Silent Auction for the Alumnae Association. We have close to 25 items already and I am still collecting items. I think one of the most fun things at these events is trying to "win" something to take home to the family! Getting a good deal on a Silent Auction item or paying more than it is worth but being the one that got it is an exciting thing!

I have already started thinking about what type of luggage item I will need to take along to fill up with conference goodies! The bookstore items, the exhibit hall items always take up a ton of room and I have to remember to take along something to bring those home in. The DC conference I drove so I didn't have to worry about it. This time I am flying so I will need to take along an extra bag!
I had a few too many items on the way home from Maryland and had to pack some in Joe's bag. I won't have that option in July!

Well off to run the kids!


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