Wednesday, May 23, 2007

57 Days (55 Days until I leave :) )

Well looking over the last post and getting feedback from wonderful friends, I have noted that light colors and not so good and italics are hard to read! So I am trying a darker color - let me know if it looks better!

I am so glad to hear I am not the only Star Wars geek fan in La Leche League. I have always said that if I ever had twins I would name them Jaia and Jason - the name of Han and Leia's twins! I am currently reading a book on what happened five years after the fall of the empire - it is a three book series that a fellow Leader's husband gave me - thanks Paul. I am only on the first book but I grab it when I need to leave the stressful world of working on a conference behind!

Yesterday I took the day off from LLL and took the kids to the zoo. We had a great time and guess what I learned ~
First - the elephant Tasha - is half way through a pregnancy - but the best part - she is also NURSING her son Moja - who is six!!!!
Second - they have a Gorilla that nursed her son until he was seven - he stopped around age 5 but then she had another baby and he started up again - so she tandem nursed!
I met this woman that is doing a study on their behaviors and she was talking to me about a study that was done that determined that the actual age a human should nurse to was age SEVEN! It was very exciting to learn about nursing at the zoo in front of all of my children - and those standing nearby learned as well! So, even when I take a day of from LLL - it is still there!

Monday was however a busy conference work day. More talk about Donation items and Silent Auction items. I am going to buy the bags and begin work on the labels today. Andrea a Leader from Maryland has agreed to make jewelry for us to sell. She does beautiful work and I am so excited that we will have her items there. She is also sending the materials for me to teach a jewelry making class, or if you know how to make jewelry you can come in and buy your materials and make an item to take home! That is going to be so much fun. She is also sending some onsies with a breastfeeding logo, I can hardly wait!

Sue and I also decided that I will be teaching a get off your feet at the next wedding and dance class! The cha cha slide - electric slide and the macarana - it is going to be TONS of laughs! I think that will be my most favorite session :)

And lastly and most important on Monday I learned that La Leche League Alumnae Association is officially recognized by Mission Fish - what is that you ask? Mission Fish is the official non-profit used by eBay !
We now have an eBay account - and a mission fish account - as well as paypal and we can begin selling items to raise money for the Alumnae Association! I can list the items as the direct seller or someone can choose us and have the profits of their sale go directly to us!
the ebay account is
lllalumnae Come check us out!
I am hoping to list a signed copy of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding as our first item! As many of you know the copies that are out there are all that will be of all seven founding mothers at this time. I have a personal copy that I think I would like to have as our first item - check back in a few days to see it up for auction!

Well off to take care of the kids -
See you in 57 days or less :)


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