Sunday, May 20, 2007

60 DAYS!!!

Can you believe it just 60 days until the conference - two months away!

This is when things will really start getting busy!

Three weeks ago I went back to Maryland for Leader Day. I feel so rejuvenated toward La Leche League after being around other Leaders and Interested Mothers. I came home so excited about the conference, I immediately sent out more donation requests!
I sent a letter to George Lucas creator of Star Wars. My children and I are HUGE Star Wars fans. Jim (hubby) bought me an exact replica of Luke's lightsaber from Episode IV - which means it was Annikin's from Episode III, for our wedding Anniversary. You know your husband loves you when he buys you a lightsaber :)
My children all have FX Lightsabers they use to recreate the movies. Anyway, I sent a letter to Mr. Lucas requesting answers to my son's questions and a donation for La Leche League. When I arrived home from another trip to Maryland I had a letter from his office. His personal secretary sent me a very nice letter, but they were unable to give me a donation for the conference. What a complete and total bummer! That would have been cool!
But, I am still excited about what we have donated so far.
I am waiting on a list of items from Sue. Once I have that I plan to post here the list and then begin working on the labels and ticket bags. I REALLY need to get that going.
My sister is going to have surgery the day after I get home from the Conference. I am going to be worrying about her while I am gone, but at least the surgery is after the conference not before.

I need to figure out how to add a counter to see if anyone is even reading my blog :)



llli07conf said...

Oh, my, a fellow Star Wars geek. :)

I am really enjoying reading your blog, Karri. Oh, and you have a statcounter now. :)


Shelly said...

I can't wait to see the silent auction!