Sunday, May 6, 2007

Getting Worried

Well there are only 74 days left until the conference, which means I leave in 72 days!

I am feeling overwhelmed about three things -
Leaving my family for that length of time
Not having enough Donation Drawing/Silent Auction items
Not having all the Rejuvenation Activities filled!

I work on the Alumnae Donations almost daily, sending out emails and letter, but I am just not getting the responses I want! Hopefully things will pick up SOON! I think tomorrow I will send out emails to all the Leaders - for the last conference I just used the Leader locater on the LLLI website. This year I tried to do that and I can't find the page. It had all the countries listed English speaking or language spoken it was great - I have NO CLUE where that is on the redesigned site! I know I should be looking for it instead of complaining but I am not that computer literate!

As for the Rejuvenation well I haven't worked on that in a bit - I guess I should sit down again with that list!

Leaving the kids with my husband - oh that makes me so sad every time I think about it! I know once I am there I will be so busy and having adult chat that time will fly by but until then - I can't help but think about how much I will miss them!
I was looking yesterday for a carseat pully thing to bring along the baby seat - I didn't need it when I went to Chicago or Maryland the last time - I had a ride that brought one along - this time the limo place that will take me to the hotel doesn't provide one! I have to figure out how to carry Claire in the sling - her bag of meds - almost a weeks worth of clothes for her and I - toys - and an extra bag for all the stuff I either buy or win :) and a car seat! I saw this great car seat pull thing at BWI - I asked the woman where she got it and found it online - almost $90- that is a lot for a one time use - I bid on one on eBay but was out bid :( I have about 65 days to find one!

Well off to take the kids outside!


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Anonymous said...

Love, your blog, Karri. Thanks for sending the link.