Thursday, May 31, 2007

Title's are so hard to come up with!

I can never figure out what my title should be! I have actually been ready to come and type for the blog and been stopped by the title. I sit here staring at the computer thinking what do I call this?? Then I realize I don't have a title, the kids are fighting, the baby is awake, the cats need fed, dinner needs to be started, and I have to get off the computer before I even started!
So, when I sat down this time I thought forget the title just get busy!

We had a conference call planning meeting for the Alumnae rooms last night. I tried desperately to walk around, using one hand to hold the phone and the other keeping the kids happy, but away from the speaker for half of it when Jim got home from his softball game. He looked at me and said "you have a cell phone with hands free and a clip holder - minutes are free why aren't you using hit? - DUH, why wasn't I using it!
So I switched phones and was able to participate much better in the call!
I won't be available for next weeks call ~ we will be in the middle of the woods - no phone, no cell phone, no TV, no computer, no email - NOTHING but woods !
What was I thinking? Five kids, a husband that loves to work and hates not to, and a conference just 49 days away! Jim asked me months ago, what do you want to do for a vacation, want to go to the beach? I said lets camp! HELLO, lets camp - ocean - camp ?? What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking good bonding time, family time, fun! I hope it works!

I have been busy getting the labels ready for the donation drawing bags. One label for the bag and one label for the item. I hope this will keep the confusion to a minimum, just match the item number on the item you want to the item number on the bag and drop in your ticket!
I have also started to bid sheets for the silent auction, thanks to Jessica, I have one ready I just have to modify it for the conference! I have no idea how many bid spaces I should have - the one used in Maryland was just 18 ~ I have it done up to 73 but don't know if I need that many for every item or if I will need more.
I wish I knew if I would have a printer available to use if I should need more. Right now I think I may have to make all these copies and have them there - but what a waste of paper if I don't need them. I would much rather just have one bid sheet for each item and then print more as needed. I guess I need to see if that can be done at the conference without incurring an expense!
I also have NO IDEA how many bid numbers I should have - anywhere from 100 to 1000 I guess!

We have so many items already - I have a list of 23 items so far, we have much more I just don't have them typed up yet~

Donation Drawing Master List

Autographed Book by Jan Hunt – A Gift For Baby
Autographed Book by Jan Hunt – A Gift For Baby
API Canvas Tote Bag filled for Peaceful Parents:
One Year API Membership
2 Peaceful Parenting T-shirts
3 Issues of Attachment Parenting Mag
Hard Copy of The Successful Child
Peaceful Parenting Bumpersticker, Scribble Pad, and Magnet
2 Peaceful Parenting Wristbands

Silver Ipod ( donated my Marilyn Thompson)
Brown/Beige Beaded Necklace (Donated by LLL of Texas/Tracy Malone)
Blue Beaded Necklace (Donated by LLL of Texas/Tracy Malone)
Autographed book – Companion to Cornucopia by John F. Froehlich (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Autographed book – Enjoy Yourself Under This Cover by John F. Froehlich (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Autographed book – Three of a Kind by John F. Froehlich (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Watercolor painting – Prairie Rose by M. Cahill-Fisk (Donated by Helene Scheff) 8 ½ x 6 size of painting without matting; 9x12 with matting.
Swarovski Crystal Rocking Chair (Donated by Helene Scheff)
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Two Complimentary Terrace Reserved Tickets for Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at 7:05 p.m. in Chicago.
Doll from Pakistan (Donated by Louise Cox)
Doll from Brazil ( Donated by Louise Cox)
Crystal from Brazil (Donated by Louise Cox)
Elephant from Sri Lanka ( Donated by Louise Cox)
Cup from Japan (Donated by Louise Cox)
Tea Paperweight from London (Donated by Louise Cox)
HMONG Needlework bag (Donated by Louise Cox)
Book – The Divine Feminine by Andrew Harvey & Anne Baring (Donated by Louise Cox)
Book – To My Daughter with Love by Susan Polis Schutz (Donated by Louise Cox)

That is the list so far! Impressive isn't it!

We are also having a quilt made - with a family theme.
Remember the last quilt the woman was amazing Sarah from Maryland made it. She is a true artist - it wasn't just a quilt it was a artistic piece. I wonder if I can post a picture of it here - it was amazing! I can hardly wait to see what she makes this time!

Well the kids are starting to get really loud and Claire is napping. We leave in two days, so I need to get packing and sitting here typing I am not packing :)

Until next time!


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Hope your camping trip is fun!!!