Thursday, June 28, 2007


Can you believe it?? The conference kicks off in 21 days!
I am so excited.
I love conferences - this is only my second International Conference - but I am still so excited!
Seeing the Founders of LLL walking around, all the mothers, babies, fathers, grandparents, and teens makes it all so special!
I love to see older "league" babies - you know the ones -in their teens, yet still with their parents. I like to pick the brains of those parents on how they got through the younger years. Then there are the grown up children with the Leader Mom's and I pick those brains on how they made it through the teen years.
Chatting with people from all of the world is an amazing experience and at a La Leche League event you will find a group of people unlike any other place in the world - open and friendly.
Believe it or not, I am one of those people that has a hard time taking that first step to make conversation. I am a talker - and I am not considered shy, but I get a bit backward and afraid in groups. But not at a LLL Conference, there is no time to be shy ~ one minute you are standing there the next someone speaks to you. I love it! I love the way mothers make me feel at home, even when I am so nervous!
I can hardly wait to get on the plane - and I hate to fly!

See you all soon!

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