Thursday, June 14, 2007

My CountdownCounting down to: La Leache League International Conference

Can you believe it just a little over a month and the conference will be here!

I received an email from today, they are sending a maya for the donation drawing.

I have been working to put together the list of donated items and the silent auction bid sheets ~ I beginning to freak a little again ~ I don't have enough items!
I am so worried about the Silent Auction. This is our first year to have a silent auction and I only have a couple items. I keep emailing and asking for donations but I am not getting the responses I had hoped for.

I really need to reach Leaders that are coming to bring something from their Country - State - Town ~ A haven't slept good in three nights trying to figure out how to reach more people!

I plan to start emailing when Jim is home and can keep Claire happy - but this week he managed to get tickets to the US Open Wed - Thur - Friday - I am sure he would love to go Sat and Sun if he can too - So I guess everything will have to wait until Monday!

Well Claire is emptying the cupboards!

Off to clean up :)

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