Friday, June 15, 2007

Package arrived!

I came home from running errands to find a package at the garage door ~ I thought it was the webkinz I had won from eBay, but it was even better!
The Ergo carriers arrived!
It was like getting a present - even though I don't keep it! Two backpacks - two pouches and two carriers! I was so excited ~ I cannot wait to get to Chicago and set everything up ~ then I realized wow - this came to me and not Sue - I have to pack them!
But this is a good thing for all the room I will pack on the way out I will have for the fun stuff I will buy at the conference!
I had so much fun at the Worlds Faire last time. I can hardly wait to go again! For those of you that have never gone - take plenty of CASH - and small bills! I found so many bargains and one of a kind items to take back to the kids it was wonderful!
I even saw my then former co-Leader - now almost neighbor there - I can't wait to go and find old friends from Maryland.

As for the Webkinz - I did email Ganz the company that makes them today in hopes of getting one or more for the donation drawing or silent auction - or maybe someone will donate one -
My kids are totally addicted (I admit it so am I!!!)

Well off to bed - tomorrow I plan to do lots of conference work!

Sweet Dreams

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