Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shopping, Packing 25 DAYS!

Can you believe it the conference begins in 25 days! That means I am on a plane in 24 days!
I am getting so excited. Yesterday, I was at the mall and Bath and Body was having a HUGE sale. I picked up some travel size body wash,body spray, lotion, hand cleaner, and lip gloss, among other things. They came in a cute little bag, that I have already placed in my bag! That is right, I have started packing!
I wrote a list of the outfits I will need along with Claire's.

I also have a huge bag of donated items that I will be traveling with. I just keep saying should I carry those on the plane so I know they will get there? But I have so many other things to carry on. I am currently printing the Silent Auction bidder ID numbers -- over 1000 numbers :)
I then paper punch them and place them in a three ring binder. The Silent Auction is a new thing this conference.

I almost forgot -- I have been playing phone tag with a Leader in Ohio that wants to donate a week in NORTH CAROLINA!!! Can you believe it!
That is one that I will want to be bidding on for sure!
Everyone that wants to bid will get an Bidder ID number and then will use that to bid on the items --
This makes it more fun, because you don't know who you are bidding against!
I always have a hard time when I find out I am bidding against someone I know - then I feel bad and don't bid as high as I am willing to go - but this way I won't know and I will just bid away!

Oh I need to go get Caitlyn - more later :)

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