Friday, June 8, 2007


I just got home a little bit ago from our camping trip - a few days early ( I wasn't feeling good last night and woke with a stuffy nose and cough - I thought it best to be home if I am getting sick) The kids were OK with leaving early - they got new Webkinz and couldn't wait to add them to the family!

We got home just before nasty rain storms moved in. I am so glad I am not driving through that.

My sister Kelly took us to dinner at the Olive Garden, it was delicious and the kids ate great.

We had a wonderful time camping. The kids fished, played in the water, roasted marshmellows and were probably dirtier than they have ever been in their lives!

We took them to the Fireman's Carnival two nights. Wed night was much better than last night. It wasn't busy at all . Cailtyn and James LOVED the spinning rides - I thought I was going to be sick, but kept taking them on it anyway! I cannot believe at one time I rode the one ride eight times in a row - back in my teen days - I barely made it once a night.

Claire loved the merry-go-round and Justin loved the dizzy dragon - I was sick from that too. Jim thinks I am more sick from the rides than a cold - he could be right. I let Joe talk me into going on this ride that went up in the air and spun around - it was fun to do that with my fifteen year old but oh man - not good for the tummy.

I have over 300 emails to go through - and I put a number of my groups on no mail! I found out my one account was bouncing so now I have to go fix that!

Tomorrow I will get back to asking for more donation items and doing more labels. 41 days until the opening night at the conference - if you haven't already made plans to attend NOW is the time to do it!

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Imagine my surprise when I thought I was posting this and Claire shut down the PC - thank goodness drafts are automatically saved!

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MacMom said...

Sounds like your camping trip was a lot of fun!