Saturday, July 14, 2007

5 Days from now I will be in Chicago

Seriously can you believe it - 5 days - the conference starts in 6 days! I am so excited that I don't sleep.
I lay awake thinking OK what do I need to do - have I contacted everyone for Rejuvenation? Is there anyone else I should be asking donations from? Do you think I should bring Webkinz for the Silent Auction? Will anyone there know what a Webkinz is??
Have I packed everything? How will I get through the airport? Did I leave room for the stuff I buy there?

Then in the middle of the night I will wake up remembering, I need to email my roomy and ask if I should bring a hair dryer or if she will? I worry that Claire will keep her awake!
What will I do for food? I have to have a carseat for Claire so getting around isn't going to be that easy for me.
I spoke with a guy from the church where we get Market Day yesterday and he said DO NOT GO ANYWHERE outside the main city blocks at all and be very careful at Night everywhere. That is scary!

I am so excited about going to the conference that I can hardly keep a straight train of thought!

The two things I am most looking forward too:

The Alumnae Dinner Cruise - great social time :)

Billy Dean - His song Let Then Be Little - is such an amazing song - he is so talented and he is coming to the conference. This could open up so many people to the fact that breastfeeding is normal and everyone out there should help promote it in anyway they can.

Well, today I am printing more and double checking!

I repacked for the third time - still looking for a back pack on wheels for a carrry-on!

More soon..............


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