Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am here!

Well I made it to Chicago on Thursday - Every time I went to come to the tech room someone stopped me or the laptops weren't available -
Claire was playing so nice in here until I sat down to type - just like at home!

We are having an amazing time - we have 21 items in the Silent Auction - a week in North Carolina and GET THIS - Marge Yager donated her apartment for a WEEK IN PARIS FRANCE!
I had to sit down when she told me!
The donation drawing is up to 120 plus items - I have run out of room and bags - I LOVE IT!

I miss Jim and the kids - but time is flying and before I know it I will be flying home!

Well there was a line when I got in line and still a line so I will let someone else have a turn - I hope to get back here soon-

This conference is AWESOME and I am having a wonderful time - although not enough time to sit and visit with friends - we always seem to be going in opposite directions!

Bye from Chicago!

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