Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Hero ~ JIM

Today was a La Leche League day - Jim helped get certificates ready - Jim worked on the bag labels and he kept the kids so I could run around and try and find a backpack with wheels!
I never did find one cheap enough for me ~ but Jim did do a great job on all the LLL work!

I am very lucky ~ Jim has always been available and willing to do work for La Leche League, even though he has never been to any events. He works behind the scenes like crazy ~ he will do anything I ask of him and more ~without expecting a thank you from anyone!
I thank him and the Alumnae Team Members have been thanking him - I just hope he realizes I could not do any of the things I do for LLL if it weren't for him.
He keeps the kids, does printing,listens to me talk and talk and talk ( that is a job by itself), and helps to make sure everything is perfect for me.

THANK YOU JIM for all you do to help me help mothers and babies. I am so lucky to have you support something that means to much to me!

Time to get the kids to bed!

See you all in 5 days!

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