Saturday, July 7, 2007

Shoes,Shoes, and more Shoes

How many shoes could I possibly need?

Well I packed my bags a few days ago - then realized that with all the donation drawing items I would never be able to lift my bag off the belt! So I unpacked took the donation items to the post office and sent them on their way to the conference.

So, then I began the task of repacking. The last conference I was so sick in the beginning of my pregnancy with Claire, that I didn't care what I wore as long as I wasn't sick on it! This time I have no idea what to pack - warm for the hotel - cool for outside - dressy for the tea - the dinner - and shoes - well I have never been one to have more than two pair of shoes - but Jim's Grandmother sent down all these great dress shoes and they all fit - they match so many things - but really how many pairs could I possibly need?!?
As it stands I have six pair packed - I think I will repack and take a few out - but then I think well if I repack I could end up packing more!
It was fun to pack though.
I packed tons of dresses for Claire she loves dresses - sweaters and pants too in case it is cold.

Can you believe it - 12 days and we are on our way!

More tomorrow -


PS we got a time share donated for NC from a wonderful Leader in Ohio - will post more tomorrow!


MacMom said...

I know what you mean about the packing, Karri. I have a suitcase open in my bedroom, just waiting for me to decide what I need to put in it.

Looking forward to being there. :-)

Karri said...

I just learned that I can comment to the comments - NOW I feel so bad that I have not responded to anyone else - but I didn't know I could!

How many times have you packed now - I am on number three - and hope that is all!