Monday, July 16, 2007

Will I ever sleep again?

OK by the time I leave in three days I will be so sleep deprived that I will probably sleep through the conference!
I cannot sleep - I just lay awake - did I pack the right clothes, did I pack enough for Claire, do I have enough wipes/diapers?
Have I packed everything for the Donation Drawing, the silent auction/the rejuvenation sessions?

I cannot wait to get to Chicago so I can stop worrying about getting there and not having something that I think I will have to have or my life will be over - I need to be in Chicago remember what I forgot and realize I can get by without it ~ After all ~ all I really need is myself and Claire - I come ready with food! :)

See you in 3 days

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Jessica said...

It's 4:41 AM on Wednesday, and I'm just checking in before I wake Claire up to leave for the airport.

We'll see you TOMORROW!

I can't wait. :)