Thursday, June 28, 2007


Can you believe it?? The conference kicks off in 21 days!
I am so excited.
I love conferences - this is only my second International Conference - but I am still so excited!
Seeing the Founders of LLL walking around, all the mothers, babies, fathers, grandparents, and teens makes it all so special!
I love to see older "league" babies - you know the ones -in their teens, yet still with their parents. I like to pick the brains of those parents on how they got through the younger years. Then there are the grown up children with the Leader Mom's and I pick those brains on how they made it through the teen years.
Chatting with people from all of the world is an amazing experience and at a La Leche League event you will find a group of people unlike any other place in the world - open and friendly.
Believe it or not, I am one of those people that has a hard time taking that first step to make conversation. I am a talker - and I am not considered shy, but I get a bit backward and afraid in groups. But not at a LLL Conference, there is no time to be shy ~ one minute you are standing there the next someone speaks to you. I love it! I love the way mothers make me feel at home, even when I am so nervous!
I can hardly wait to get on the plane - and I hate to fly!

See you all soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shopping, Packing 25 DAYS!

Can you believe it the conference begins in 25 days! That means I am on a plane in 24 days!
I am getting so excited. Yesterday, I was at the mall and Bath and Body was having a HUGE sale. I picked up some travel size body wash,body spray, lotion, hand cleaner, and lip gloss, among other things. They came in a cute little bag, that I have already placed in my bag! That is right, I have started packing!
I wrote a list of the outfits I will need along with Claire's.

I also have a huge bag of donated items that I will be traveling with. I just keep saying should I carry those on the plane so I know they will get there? But I have so many other things to carry on. I am currently printing the Silent Auction bidder ID numbers -- over 1000 numbers :)
I then paper punch them and place them in a three ring binder. The Silent Auction is a new thing this conference.

I almost forgot -- I have been playing phone tag with a Leader in Ohio that wants to donate a week in NORTH CAROLINA!!! Can you believe it!
That is one that I will want to be bidding on for sure!
Everyone that wants to bid will get an Bidder ID number and then will use that to bid on the items --
This makes it more fun, because you don't know who you are bidding against!
I always have a hard time when I find out I am bidding against someone I know - then I feel bad and don't bid as high as I am willing to go - but this way I won't know and I will just bid away!

Oh I need to go get Caitlyn - more later :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Package arrived!

I came home from running errands to find a package at the garage door ~ I thought it was the webkinz I had won from eBay, but it was even better!
The Ergo carriers arrived!
It was like getting a present - even though I don't keep it! Two backpacks - two pouches and two carriers! I was so excited ~ I cannot wait to get to Chicago and set everything up ~ then I realized wow - this came to me and not Sue - I have to pack them!
But this is a good thing for all the room I will pack on the way out I will have for the fun stuff I will buy at the conference!
I had so much fun at the Worlds Faire last time. I can hardly wait to go again! For those of you that have never gone - take plenty of CASH - and small bills! I found so many bargains and one of a kind items to take back to the kids it was wonderful!
I even saw my then former co-Leader - now almost neighbor there - I can't wait to go and find old friends from Maryland.

As for the Webkinz - I did email Ganz the company that makes them today in hopes of getting one or more for the donation drawing or silent auction - or maybe someone will donate one -
My kids are totally addicted (I admit it so am I!!!)

Well off to bed - tomorrow I plan to do lots of conference work!

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My CountdownCounting down to: La Leache League International Conference

Can you believe it just a little over a month and the conference will be here!

I received an email from today, they are sending a maya for the donation drawing.

I have been working to put together the list of donated items and the silent auction bid sheets ~ I beginning to freak a little again ~ I don't have enough items!
I am so worried about the Silent Auction. This is our first year to have a silent auction and I only have a couple items. I keep emailing and asking for donations but I am not getting the responses I had hoped for.

I really need to reach Leaders that are coming to bring something from their Country - State - Town ~ A haven't slept good in three nights trying to figure out how to reach more people!

I plan to start emailing when Jim is home and can keep Claire happy - but this week he managed to get tickets to the US Open Wed - Thur - Friday - I am sure he would love to go Sat and Sun if he can too - So I guess everything will have to wait until Monday!

Well Claire is emptying the cupboards!

Off to clean up :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just got an email from !

We're sending out an Organic Denim Carrier, Back Pack and Front Pouch, and
a Black Carrier with Camel lining, a Black Back Pack, and a Black Front Pouch,
as well as brochures and business cards.

I am so excited! These are great items for the Alumnae Association.

OK So this post was much longer venting about the kids fighting and me being clueless - I have deleted all that and will post the new items!


Friday, June 8, 2007


I just got home a little bit ago from our camping trip - a few days early ( I wasn't feeling good last night and woke with a stuffy nose and cough - I thought it best to be home if I am getting sick) The kids were OK with leaving early - they got new Webkinz and couldn't wait to add them to the family!

We got home just before nasty rain storms moved in. I am so glad I am not driving through that.

My sister Kelly took us to dinner at the Olive Garden, it was delicious and the kids ate great.

We had a wonderful time camping. The kids fished, played in the water, roasted marshmellows and were probably dirtier than they have ever been in their lives!

We took them to the Fireman's Carnival two nights. Wed night was much better than last night. It wasn't busy at all . Cailtyn and James LOVED the spinning rides - I thought I was going to be sick, but kept taking them on it anyway! I cannot believe at one time I rode the one ride eight times in a row - back in my teen days - I barely made it once a night.

Claire loved the merry-go-round and Justin loved the dizzy dragon - I was sick from that too. Jim thinks I am more sick from the rides than a cold - he could be right. I let Joe talk me into going on this ride that went up in the air and spun around - it was fun to do that with my fifteen year old but oh man - not good for the tummy.

I have over 300 emails to go through - and I put a number of my groups on no mail! I found out my one account was bouncing so now I have to go fix that!

Tomorrow I will get back to asking for more donation items and doing more labels. 41 days until the opening night at the conference - if you haven't already made plans to attend NOW is the time to do it!

Until next time,


Imagine my surprise when I thought I was posting this and Claire shut down the PC - thank goodness drafts are automatically saved!