Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am home!

I cannot wait to post about my amazing experience at the conference -but unfortunately it will have to wait another day -
I just wanted to write a quick note to say I caught that 'bug' or the food thing going around the conference.
I became violently ill Monday just about the time the meal was being served at the closing dinner.
Thank heavens another Leader from Western PA - Karen and her husband were on the same shuttle to the airport - same flight - and amazingly we were assigned to the same row on the plane. They were wonderful - got me on the plane and off and to the curb to meet Jim.

Marilyn was so good to me in the morning when I woke up - tried to help pack me and gave Claire breakfast -and I could not have made it to the shuttle without her and Nancy - "I needed help"!

More when I am better - still unable to eat -

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am here!

Well I made it to Chicago on Thursday - Every time I went to come to the tech room someone stopped me or the laptops weren't available -
Claire was playing so nice in here until I sat down to type - just like at home!

We are having an amazing time - we have 21 items in the Silent Auction - a week in North Carolina and GET THIS - Marge Yager donated her apartment for a WEEK IN PARIS FRANCE!
I had to sit down when she told me!
The donation drawing is up to 120 plus items - I have run out of room and bags - I LOVE IT!

I miss Jim and the kids - but time is flying and before I know it I will be flying home!

Well there was a line when I got in line and still a line so I will let someone else have a turn - I hope to get back here soon-

This conference is AWESOME and I am having a wonderful time - although not enough time to sit and visit with friends - we always seem to be going in opposite directions!

Bye from Chicago!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Will I ever sleep again?

OK by the time I leave in three days I will be so sleep deprived that I will probably sleep through the conference!
I cannot sleep - I just lay awake - did I pack the right clothes, did I pack enough for Claire, do I have enough wipes/diapers?
Have I packed everything for the Donation Drawing, the silent auction/the rejuvenation sessions?

I cannot wait to get to Chicago so I can stop worrying about getting there and not having something that I think I will have to have or my life will be over - I need to be in Chicago remember what I forgot and realize I can get by without it ~ After all ~ all I really need is myself and Claire - I come ready with food! :)

See you in 3 days

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Comments on Comments

I wanted to type a quick I AM SO SORRY - to all those that have commented on my blog for not responding - I just learned that I can comment back to the comments -
I had no idea so I would get all excited when I read a comment - but didn't realize I could comment back!

So for all of you that have read my blog and commented THANK YOU - it makes my day to see a comment!

I am getting so excited about the conference that it is after midnight and I am up on the PC looking at everyone Else's Blogs :)


My Hero ~ JIM

Today was a La Leche League day - Jim helped get certificates ready - Jim worked on the bag labels and he kept the kids so I could run around and try and find a backpack with wheels!
I never did find one cheap enough for me ~ but Jim did do a great job on all the LLL work!

I am very lucky ~ Jim has always been available and willing to do work for La Leche League, even though he has never been to any events. He works behind the scenes like crazy ~ he will do anything I ask of him and more ~without expecting a thank you from anyone!
I thank him and the Alumnae Team Members have been thanking him - I just hope he realizes I could not do any of the things I do for LLL if it weren't for him.
He keeps the kids, does printing,listens to me talk and talk and talk ( that is a job by itself), and helps to make sure everything is perfect for me.

THANK YOU JIM for all you do to help me help mothers and babies. I am so lucky to have you support something that means to much to me!

Time to get the kids to bed!

See you all in 5 days!

5 Days from now I will be in Chicago

Seriously can you believe it - 5 days - the conference starts in 6 days! I am so excited that I don't sleep.
I lay awake thinking OK what do I need to do - have I contacted everyone for Rejuvenation? Is there anyone else I should be asking donations from? Do you think I should bring Webkinz for the Silent Auction? Will anyone there know what a Webkinz is??
Have I packed everything? How will I get through the airport? Did I leave room for the stuff I buy there?

Then in the middle of the night I will wake up remembering, I need to email my roomy and ask if I should bring a hair dryer or if she will? I worry that Claire will keep her awake!
What will I do for food? I have to have a carseat for Claire so getting around isn't going to be that easy for me.
I spoke with a guy from the church where we get Market Day yesterday and he said DO NOT GO ANYWHERE outside the main city blocks at all and be very careful at Night everywhere. That is scary!

I am so excited about going to the conference that I can hardly keep a straight train of thought!

The two things I am most looking forward too:

The Alumnae Dinner Cruise - great social time :)

Billy Dean - His song Let Then Be Little - is such an amazing song - he is so talented and he is coming to the conference. This could open up so many people to the fact that breastfeeding is normal and everyone out there should help promote it in anyway they can.

Well, today I am printing more and double checking!

I repacked for the third time - still looking for a back pack on wheels for a carrry-on!

More soon..............


Monday, July 9, 2007

Natalie my next door neighbor saved the day for me yet again!
She is a very stylish 12 year old and I decided to ask her about outfits and shoes - well good thing I did - as it turned out four pairs of the shoes I packed no longer fit!

I had to rethink everything! I realized I had packed one outfit that I knew I would never wear so I took that out. Found more comfortable shoes and repacked!
I think my clothes are finally packed.

Natalie continued to keep Claire happy while I finished up - making me realized how much I could use her help in Chicago - do bad she won't fit in the suitcase :)

More later - kids want snacks!


PS I tried to add a title but it won't let me -


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Shoes,Shoes, and more Shoes

How many shoes could I possibly need?

Well I packed my bags a few days ago - then realized that with all the donation drawing items I would never be able to lift my bag off the belt! So I unpacked took the donation items to the post office and sent them on their way to the conference.

So, then I began the task of repacking. The last conference I was so sick in the beginning of my pregnancy with Claire, that I didn't care what I wore as long as I wasn't sick on it! This time I have no idea what to pack - warm for the hotel - cool for outside - dressy for the tea - the dinner - and shoes - well I have never been one to have more than two pair of shoes - but Jim's Grandmother sent down all these great dress shoes and they all fit - they match so many things - but really how many pairs could I possibly need?!?
As it stands I have six pair packed - I think I will repack and take a few out - but then I think well if I repack I could end up packing more!
It was fun to pack though.
I packed tons of dresses for Claire she loves dresses - sweaters and pants too in case it is cold.

Can you believe it - 12 days and we are on our way!

More tomorrow -


PS we got a time share donated for NC from a wonderful Leader in Ohio - will post more tomorrow!